RFID Solutions

SMTrack Halal Traceability

Containers transporting halal food products will go through the SAMAK process to ensure that the vehicle is clean from prohibited contamination. These "Halal Containers" will be dedicated to the transport of only halal food.

SMTrack Asset Management

  • Improved asset visibility and utilization
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Reduced capital and operational costs
  • Improved asset maintenance and assured adherence to critical and routine maintenance procedures

SMTrack Food Processing Traceability

In food processing (meat processing, fresh produce processing), traceability includes recording through means of barcodes or RFID tags & other tracking media, all movement of product and steps within the production process.

SMTrack Bird Nest Traceability

The track and trace process starts from the bird’s nest premise and con-tinues throughout the supply chain. Each registered premise is issued a RF license and security tag which is placed within the premise to identify location as well as compliance under the guidelines of DVS (Department of Veterinary Services, Malaysia).

SMTrack Logistic and Supply Chain

In logistics, traceability can be used for tracing goods along the distribution chain on a batch number or series number basis. Traceability is an important aspect for example in manufacturing, where it makes recalls possible.

SMTrack Warehouse Solution

Easy and fast location of items in warehouse. Reduced cost of rework. Improved inventory planning. Improved speed of handling process. Reduced manual labour/labour reallocation. Reduced human error in warehouse. Improved data accuracy. Automation of manual processes in warehouse.

RFID tags are printed and labelled on the products and pallets upon arrival.

RFID portal reads/captures the RFID tag information when products are pushed through.

Fork lift equipped with RFID reader matches the RFID tag information on the products to RFID tag information on the storage rack.

This information is updated in the ERP/ database system RFID handheld reader can be used for item searching and auditing purposes RFID portal detects and triggers when unauthorized items are being removed from the warehouse.

RFID tagged pallets can easily be located and sent for re-use in the warehouse.