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Dato Sri Chua Wei Kee

Dato Sri Chua Wei Kee was appointed to the Board on 8th October 2020. He is currently the member of Audit and Rick Management Comittee and Remuneration Committee.

He holds a Master of Administration from Asia Metropolitan University and RMIT University respectively.

Dato Sri Chua is a businessman with twenty-five (25) years of experience in various industries such as education, media and advertising, mining, manufacturing, finance investment, property and, metal distribution.

Dato Sri Chua started his own business. JD Resources (JDR) in the year 1998 as commission agent and trader in the field of metals and materials. Ranges of metal products are zinc, zinc alloy, aluminium, aluminium alloy, tin and lead and ranges of mineral products are alumina, bentonite, iron, and graphite.

In order for a better company financial structure and to get across to international market,Datuk Chua has set up various JDR units over the years in many countries,JDR Hong Kong being the holding company, JDR Group turn over surpassed USD350 million per annum.In year 2007 JDR has appointed as sole and exclusive ditributor for Nystar NV in South East Asia.

Throughout the years, JDR also ventured into pre-school education in China,set up zinc alloy production unit in China, Datuk Chua in personal capacity has acquired a stake in AGV Group Limited, a SGX listed company and was appointed as Executive Chairman. JDR has establish a regional presence across Southeast Asia and Greater China including Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and China. JDR sources, market and distribute zinc and zinc alloy for bulding construction,automotive,healthcare and agriculture industry. Datuk Chua was appointed as Honorary Consul of Hungary to Malaysia Northern Region in year 2018. Datuk Chua currently is the Officer of JD Resources International Limited and JD Zinc Group Limited.

Dato Sri Chua Wei Kee
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